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5 Ways SEO can improve the growth of your business!

October 11, 2019

1. SEO Boosts Inbound Traffic!

It’s no secret that inbound traffic is of utmost importance to a business just starting out, gone are the days of cold calling nonstop or a shot in the dark with advertising reaching out to vast audiences that can seem like a waste of spending and time.

Your end goal is to reach your target audience but at the same time you want to make sure this process is as cost efficient as can be. SEO operates on an entirely different level, it works by directly appealing to your audience providing your customers with relevant search results to what they are looking for. The best thing about inbound traffic is that it’s targeted and grows with time.

The bottom line is that SEO can help to increase the traffic of your website which will in turn help you to gather more qualified quality leads and convert these to sales, all while being light on the wallet allowing you to focus your time on more important things in relation to your business.

2. Increased brand visibility

The way SEO operates is completely different to how traditional methods of advertising such as TV commercials, radio and newspaper/magazine ads operate. This can result in a very wide spread that may miss the market when trying to appeal to a certain audience. With a quality SEO service you can ensure that every click that ends up on your website is relevant and actually originated in searching for your products/services.

SEO helps to increase brand visibility in front of your target audiences, there are no other marketing strategies out there that can help you in the way that SEO does, as it operates on the formula with how the internet produces search results. Consider the ranking on a search engine similar to how a billboard/TV Commercials/print media works, the modern customer will always search online first and if your website is at the top = business for you.

A quality SEO service will have a compounding effect that increases over time as your business and brand builds, SEO can build the foundation of your online presence and generate a very good rate of return as time goes.

3. SEO Leads to more customers higher conversions

It’s proven that a good quality SEO can bring a deeper level of brand awareness and inbound traffic to your website, this in itself will result in a higher conversion of customers. Regardless of what stage your business is at, you will always need to have a consistent flow of new customers coming through. This is how you build your business and get more users/clients on board. A well structured and easy to use website its going to help in achieving this. But realistically speaking, even if you have put in countless hours of effort into the UX/UI of your website how does that matter if no one can actually find your website? 

Now there are probably countless people that are potentially interested in your product or service and are right now searching for them on Google or other search engines, this is at an all time high with the ease of access when it comes to search engines with the affordability in technology. When customers are deciding whether a product is for them, the first stop is usually the internet. When your website is optimised for the right keywords, you can be at the right place at the right time. All in all, SEO makes it a simpler process for the customer, it delivers relevant information at a glance and brings the business to you. 

4. Brand credibility and trust

This is usually something that can happen over time as your brand grows and the market becomes more aware and trusting. SEO ranking can seriously help in this aspect when you put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You as a customer are more likely to trust a website/brand that is ranked higher on your favoured search engine. Authority is also something that comes into play at this point as you know that you are going to be doing business with some of the best on the market if the your product or service is able to get onto the first page search results. For some stats - 75% of traffic goes to the top 5 positions, with 93% of searchers choosing a business on page 1, position 1 will get on average 33% of traffic. (Source, source )

5. SEO gives your business long-lasting results

One of the biggest benefits that SEO offers over traditional forms of advertising is that it is not time sensitive, meaning that your precious dollars are not being wasted. SEO works in a compounding effect over time that increases the amount of organic growth brought to your business. SEO takes advantage of the ever-evolving internet and putting the relevant search results into the right audience you are trying to target. Once you have invested in a solid SEO service you will be able to gain real visibility for months or years to come. 

If you are looking to gain a serious edge over your competitors and invest in one of the most crucial tools available in this day and age, check us out! Turbo offers a service that is a cut above the rest, while staying local!


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