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Three Ways to Fuse Your SEO With Social Media For Success

October 11, 2019

With its game-changing influence taking the digital marketing world by storm, Search Engine Optimization has been revolutionizing the way companies, digital marketers, and brands push their paces to achieve their goals while maximizing their opportunities online. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO, for short) has been helping businesses and brands scale their influence online unlike any other marketing strategy. 

This is due to the fact that SEO is centred on a simple action that practically every online user performs: using the search bar. However, as the search engines tweak their algorithms and make them harder to trick, the act of dumping as many keywords as possible onto a website no longer suffices. In fact, you will get penalized for it! How, then, can you help your website scale the rankings? Make it work alongside your social media strategy, of course!

The importance of pairing SEO with a social media strategy

As SEO continues to evolve, so do the challenges that come with it. Aside from playing your keywords right, you’ll have to take user-friendliness and quality into consideration. This requires the merging of different fields such as content marketing and video marketing. Although there are dozens of things that you can merge with your SEO strategy, there’s nothing better for your search engine rankings and performance numbers than a solid social media strategy.

By having your SEO strategy work alongside a proper and effective social media marketing strategy, the rates of return that you can expect from your efforts can grow four or five times more than the standard results that you would usually get from standalone strategies. Social media strategies continue to grow in terms of relevance in the world of SEO, especially with seven out of ten of the field’s most important factors for ranking being related to social media. 

Nowadays, successful SEO is more than relying on keywords. It’s about creating quality content as well, which a social media strategy can help with. In order to maximize your brand exposure, boost your rates, and rake in some serious sales, you’ll have to merge or align both your social media and SEO strategies. 

Blending SEO and social media made easy

Intent on boosting your brand’s performance while maximizing your resources with social media and SEO? Here are a few key tips that may make all the difference:

1. Cut and form with keywords

If you’ve been doing SEO for a while now, chances are that you already conducted keyword research and have a list of keywords that you’re looking to target. When merging a social media strategy with an SEO game plan, you’ll have to incorporate keywords in both. Through the use of keywords, you’ll be able to target your audience in the best way possible while maximizing the impact of your social media marketing strategy. During the cutting and shaping process of your select keywords, you’ll be able to drive your social media, narrow your audience, make your brand easy to find, and ensure impeccable online results.

2. Use your keywords on your social media content

With the simple act of integrating the right keywords into your social media copy and content, you’ll be able to help double, triple, or even quadruple the targeted strength of your social media outreach. Through constant reinforcement, you’ll be able to make your use of keywords sound much more natural in your content while making it easier for visitors to find your website and social media pages. It’s also important to remember that the use of keywords on social media can positively affect your brand’s search visibility on every search engine, so make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity. 

3. Integrate your social media platforms onto your website

Although it might be basic knowledge that a website’s architecture has to include social sharing tools, most people tend to overlook the opportunity simply because they believe that social media sharing has no effect on their SEO performance— this is WRONG. With the addition of social media sharing onto your website, you’ll be able to cater to the needs of your users, encourage them to follow you, and allow their actions to strengthen your SEO performance through backlinks. Here are a few ways you can incorporate social media into your website:

With these three tips, your business website and social media pages will soon be strengthened and you’ll be on your way to success! 

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