Success Stories

Darlo Country Club


We were approached by Darlo Country Club to assist with more securing more venue booking requests online.  

Understanding the appeal of the venue, we began by creating a set of specialised keywords that we had discovered the intended customers of this venue to be using.

Agreeing on a set of keywords, we set out creating weekly blog posts as well revising the website content for search engine optimisation.

Looking at identified competitors of the venue, we were able to see what was working great for others and take inspiration to follow the same lead.

Reaching out to high-authority websites and blogs in Australia to make blog posts about the venue helped really drive the brand awareness campaign sub-objective and further positively impact the websites google ranking.


Here are some awesome results our customer experienced within a few months of working with Turbo: 

+ 3.5x Increase in venue booking inquiries placed.

+ 3x Increase in organic traffic to the website going from 20% to 60%.

+ Moving up over 120 spots in Google search engine results, being more visible to customers.

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